Not receiving Bat payouts for October

Greetings, I am totally new to Brave Community, so I hope I am posting this question in the proper place. I have been using Brave for about two years now and I have received Bat payouts that I am able to see in my Uphold account. I was supposed to see about 4 Bat’s hit my Uphold account for the month of October, but I have yet to see that happen. So much of this seems very complicated and it’s a bit discouraging to not see the rewards for watching the adds. It kind of erodes confidence, but at the same time, I am new to this and a bit challenged when it comes to understanding all of this. Thank you for your help.

Brave support is very bad

Well, that’s not very encouraging. And trying to wade through all the comments in Brave Community to find an answer it extremely time consuming.

Hey guys, I’d love to help but I’m probably not going to be very useful when it comes to issues with Rewards.

But I would recommend you move your post here where it will at least be in the right place:

And maybe scroll thru a page or two of other posts there as well, good chance you’ll find someone with a similar issue and possibly a resolution.

Good luck!

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Appreciate the tip. I’m new and still learning to navigate all of this.

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