Didn't receive my rewards yet, Uphold Issue

I have not received my October month bats yet. And now even my uphold account is working. It shows “we can’t continue to offer you an account”. I had bats of worth 18$ in it. I don’t understand what to do now. Did an complaint to both brave and uphold. I frequently had issues receiving my rewards but its happening such thing for the first time with my uphold account. What might be the reason and what else can be done?

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Please submit your issue here and we can take a further look.

Please note, you’ll need to work with Uphold Support to resolve any Uphold account issues. The account must be in good-standing to receive BAT payouts.

Thank you

@Evan123 Can you tell, such users whose custodial account gets suspended, what happens to their rewards state, do their Brave rewards remain verified and they remain connected to their custodial account? And what about their payouts, will they get a claim button?

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