October payout still not received

I have 4 brave profiles on my laptop Which were previously connected with uphold and now are logged out. From past 6 month earned bat were rolling over to next month. So this month my most of the bat were processed for payment. But till now no bat has been paidout. On brave beta and nightly version its working fine as i use it on my android and they are unverified. But on stable version There is issue. For unverified , its shows congrats your september payout has arrived. Where as around 27 bat were to be processed . But now it shows nothing, just disappeared. Please help me with this @Mattches @steeven @tmancey . I have been using brave for nearly a year now as my daily browser, but till now i haven,t received proper payout because every month 0 bat went for processing. But this month my bat went for processing but still i didn’t receive them . Please help :frowning_face: :frowning_face: On every profile i had nearly 25 bat . so please help me.

Since this issue has been going for months, you’ll have to raise a ticket. Raise one here

I have raised a ticket. I hope it solves. Many users are facing this issue now. raising ticket is just delaying as they will say to wait till payout to be completed and then after completion no response. I don’t know why every month there is a issue. Till now only roll over was happening to me, now at once most of my earned bat went for processing and disappeared. I don’t think this is fair. I hope this is not what brave intends to do with everyone. Brave browser has been very useful to me from past many months, but promising rewards and not fulfilling is disappointment. I hope brave team will solve my issue. Brave team has solved many issues and i hope they will solve this too. I have read many threads where users say support center will reply that they will get paid next payout along with previous one, which is a lie and has never got paid. Where as community helpers will say the truth and honestly try to solve the issue. Thank You. Please look into this matter @steeven @Mattches

Okay. I can understand your frustration. Try to understand, Brave is trying to implement something which has never been seen before, it won’t be perfect when its still developing.

It would be helpful if you mention ticket id as well

case number for this ticket is 158262

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In the morning in the profiles which are logged out from uphold show “on the way” And now it is showing “has arrived” whereas it hasn’t arrived anywhere. This is very wrong. Everything i did and earned from past 6 to 7 months vanished in seconds. PLEASE PLEASE solve this . its not 1 or 2 bat, its 25+ bat on each browser, Very painful to see this :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :anguished: , please solve the issue @steeven @Mattches @Saoiray

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