Not receiving BAT "ADS" after tipping

Iv been receiving Ads and earning BAT for about 4 months now, with no problem. I just started tipping a few youtubers, received my monthly rewards and now I havent received a BAT “AD” for more than a week now and my BAT balance hasn’t changed. Anyone else have this problem? Does anyone know what could be happening? Are they stopping ads?

Hi @stagnet04 - Welcome to community and thanks for writing in!

The two are not related. Can you answer a couple of questions to help me better understand whats going on?

What OS and Brave version are you using?
Did this happen after you updated to the latest version?
How many Ads have you opted in to view per day?

Thanks in advance!

Im using windows 7, I Havent updated anything. I have it set for 5 ads per hour.
BUT, it looks like Ads might be working again.

I double checked the amount of ads and I simply turned them off THEN turned them right back on. Looks like that did the trick. Well see. I keep you posted if things change.

Thanks for the response.

Hi @stagnet04 - glad it sorted itself out.

Just let us know if there’s anything else that we can help to answer.

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