Not Receiving Any Ads Nor Rewards Even For Viewing Home Image

Pretty self explanatory. Ive updated, restarted, etc standard debug to no effect. It doesnt display any ads & its been doing that for more than a month now. Additionally before it would constantly glitch & display the claim window twice or an unspecified error before this but I would still appear to be granted the BAT, receive ads.

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Any solutions or other people experiencing this?

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I am having this issue as well, but only on one computer. It’s my main computer and I keep a ton of tabs open all the time. I also keep 6-8 Brave windows open at all times. I have not received any ads for a long time on this computer. I also don’t see any ads on the home screen. It’s on Windows 10 Pro 64 bit and I have both an ultra wide and a 4k monitor if any of that helps. On my other computers that have no problems with Brave Rewards, I only have one Brave window open and they are both Macs. They both receive ads with no problems. I think it might have something to do with having a bunch of tabs and multiple windows open at all times, but I’m not fully sure.

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Any updates on this from anyone at all?

I have similar with the number of tabs etc. I just never end up having time to go through them and reduce them. I got a response from Sampson but I havent had time to call him about it. Idk how long it would take & dont want to leave too short a window/bother him. He noted there have been some issues reported similar but limited. He also noted in most contexts theres a way to correct it. As soon as things are less SNAFU Ill reach back out to him so I dont waste his time. I just dont know when that will be at the moment. Hopefully soon.

Same issue for me.
They don’t show up at all on my PC anymore.
On my Android the ads will pop up, but when I click on them nothing happens.