Not receiving ads in brave beta and nightly

I am getting less ads as compared to previous month like 8-9 ads in brave browser Android daily… But not receiving a single ad in beta and nightly app I don’t know whats happening this month suddenly the ads are not showing… And in android I am getting 0.05 for single ad but in desktop I am getting 0.025 per ad why is this happening??

Well that sounds normall. Not always you will receive tons of ads on same amounts. There are sometimes weeks where none ads come out on android.

Also, we are talking (beta and nightly) from android app? As i have seen in my mobile and desktop. While you are using, let say stable version, even if nightly is open, stable is the one that it would show you ads. So what i can say, the system is smart enough to tell what browser is being use. If you are saying that you are using beta and nightly separetly (a couple of hours beta and then nightly), well maybe is related to server stuff, in any case, like i said is normal to not receive ads sometimes.

As for earnings per ad, is normal in some point. These vary and is not related to a standard amount. As i think it is, it realy depends on the number of users on a same plataform divided equaly between the eanings destinated to that ad campaing on a specific region.

They should hire you, you respond more than the platform support … Haha :wink:

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It’s normal when it’s like a week or less…but I am not getting ads on desktop for almost 18 days that’s why I am asking for help and also in android 1 ad =0.025 which is less as compared to previous 1 ad=0.05

As for:

Take in count that BAT has been growing in price the past days. Also publishers are the ones that decide how many BAT they should pay us, brave only puts the plataform, publishers put the money and they select the amount of bat to give per user. In resume, we have stingy publushers.

As for ads, if you are still experiencing no ads, well:

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