Not received a single ad for a week

Been using Brave for some time and suddenly i stopped receiving ads . I thought i would start receiving again but NO , i have not received any ads.


Hi Srevarun.

I have the same issue! I used to have at least 5-10 notifications a day and since 1 or 2 weeks ago I only get 1-2 ads a day!

No idea why this is happening. Maybe a new Brave update?


i get Zero . it’s getting worse .


Hey , is your problem resolved.

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Hi. Unfortunately not.

I am still receiving only 2-3 ads a day…

What about yourself?

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Hey Laabo,

             The issue still exists , i'm not getting any ads . Hope they roll out an update soon.
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Yeap. That is all we can hope for since no one from Brave is helping…


I got my monthly rewards, 5 miserable BAT coins!

I used to have 30…

Was this from publishers or Browser?..yeah they decreased payout I think :sneezing_face:

I am seeing this warnings in my brave rewards page in the browser, probably has to do with this issue. I try to click the history of the ads shown this month and it is unresponsive. Maybe if the page is broken, it prevents the browser to provide the ads?

Blockquote [Deprecation] HTML Imports is deprecated and will be removed in M80, around February 2020. Please use ES modules instead. See and for more details.
polymer-extracted.js:11 Could not find style data in module named br-shared-style

In addition to that, I am also seeing this error pop up:

Blockquote VM161:1 Uncaught ReferenceError: brave_rewards is not defined
at :1:1
(anonymous) @ VM161:1

Did you try uninstalling , and then installing back again?

Hi there. Things are getting slightly better from my side.

I am getting between 5 and 7 ads a day now. I was much more before.

However, I hear that the amount received is only 0.001 BAT per ad?!
Is that true?

The Price / Ad might be due to cheaper Ad campaigns as Brave promises that it delivers 70% of the revenue to its users.

I am having the same problem, no ads for ore than a week

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Hi Tonga.
Yeap me too. The ads are dropping again.
I only get 2-3 a day and my monthly BAT is about 5…

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