what about the ads?

Hello to all these last days I am presenting that no announcement of brave arrives in my browser, I have done everything to solve it but nothing. There are days that it does not show any ad and there are others that only come out at specific times.

hola a todos estos ultimos dias estoy presentando que no llegue ningun anuncio de brave en mi navegador, he echo de todo para solucioabnrlo pero nada. hay dias que no muestra ningun anuncio y hay otros que solo salen los anuncion en cietas horas especificas

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There will be times/days where ads display more or less than normal depending on multiple factors. Please see the following document for more information:

I don’t think it matters. Even if you get dozens of ads a day, as I have, they don’t count. I have even clicked on a lot of these ads but I get credit for only one per day. Yesterday, it showed I had received 47 ads. Today, it says 48 and this is after viewing more than a dozen ads.

And even if you somehow “earn” 100 BAT, they will pay you only 0.25 BAT. This has happened to me every month. I get exactly 0.25 BAT regardless of my earned balance. I have also seen a lot of other users posting the exact same amount.

Look at my account after 3 months of using Brave 24/7. Notice the total BAT of 0.50 and the few days of this month already showing 0.863. Doesn’t this seem a bit off?

Furthermore, the browser doesn’t work well. YouTube videos stutter at any resolution although I have a power system and 1Gb Internet. My Imgur account will not not load any images whatsoever and I’ve even tried turning off the ad blocking. Imgur just tells me there are no images, that they may have been deleted. I have over 1000 images on Imgur.

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