Not receiving ads/BAT on one of my devices

Hi there,

I have two devices using Brave Browser, plus my phone.

Desktop: Windows 10 Home, Brave v. 1.34.80
Laptop: Windows 10 Pro, Brave v 1.34.80

The laptop receives ads and payouts appropriately, but the desktop stopped receiving any ads as of about a month ago. I’ve been through the long list of suggested fixes (ensuring Focus Assist is off, ensuring Brave’s notifications are enabled, checking my gaming mouse, etc.) but no luck. The laptop and desktop are each paying out to a different wallet, with a different address, and both are just using the built-in wallet right now. I haven’t tried resetting the wallet or reinstalling Brave Browser yet.

Any suggestions? What other information would be helpful? Thanks!

Oh, and this is probably obvious, but there is no “ready to claim” button of any kind when I open a new tab. Just 0.00 tokens. In fact, the tokens I was supposed to receive in November (back when ads were working for me) said “processing” for a few days, then the “processing” label vanished, and no option to click to claim them ever appeared. So, on my desktop, it’s fair to say I’ve never successfully received any tokens. Just thought this would be helpful to add on. Thanks.

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