Not Received BAT Since 9 Days

I’m asked for help about this. @steeven doesn’t care so much. He’s not responding. My wallet verified on june 5th. And im waiting to receive my collected rewards till this day. Please don’t close this topic until problem is solved.

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Wow, you gave him a WHOLE FIVE DAYS to respond. There are very few Brave staff, and thousands upon thousands of users asking for help. Be patient.

I’ve been waiting for this for months just like other people. Thousands of ad views for 25 BAT verification. But i can’t get answers to my problems. I think i am patient enough. I only want what is rightfully mine. You can’t say just BE PATIENT.

Hi @helpmeyou - payout reports are generated on the first of each month. As mentioned in our DM your wallet was verified on June 5th, so you will receive your payment on July 5th. Thank you.