Not received April and May rewards

Hi @steeven, @Mattches
I didn’t receive rewards for April and May - at the begining of each month it shows notification, that rewards will arrive in 7 days, but after week this notification simply gone and claiming window didn’t appear.
Can you help me with this issue?


Having this same issue here.

Brave became a scam some time ago…

You got anything to back up that statement? Im on the verge of switching back to my true and tested FF. The rewards was the only advantage I had to use Brave, but if those go away, I have no other reason to use this.

I’ve been having problems for many months… (discrepancies in payments… and sometimes they never arrive even though claims are made, which by the way, are almost never attended to) I’m a fairly old user and I know what I’m talking about…

Same here … I didn’t recieve payment for May.

Other than receiving BAT rewards, does anyone else have another reason to continue to use Brave?

Olá! Então o Brave não vai se sustentar com base nos BATs, em meu primeiro mês não
os recebi, logo vejo que é propaganda falsa. Ter que ficar acompanhando os créditos e solicitá-los?? Não é o que estão propagando.

tengo el mismo problema mi ultimo pago recibido fue en marzo/ de ahi para aca nada de deposito

If you’re seeing this issue, please submit a ticket on our support form so we can take a closer look.

Thank you