Not recived my rewars of March month

my amount not received

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Rewards for the month of March will be paid out in April. You can verify at the top the current status. It’s processing so just give time for it to finish… Also, there’s a problem in today’s payment and majority are affected so expect much delays than previous…

Please check as soon as possible

On oct 1 brave mentioned that i will recieve my payout on april 8 but i didn’t get any option to claim my rewards and my rewards are of this writing my rewards didnt reflect on my uphold account…it is already verified wallet

same case with me … till yesterday it was showing i will get 1.099 bat but from todays moring it got vanished hope brave should fix it …

May be advertisers did not pay sufficient money to brave i think so

now my brave amount (bat) not sow in profile. please verify and add as soon as possible

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