Not really getting any rewards this month

I can usually earn about 20 bat tokens a month. This month which is over after today, I have managed to be rewarded with only 4 bat token this month. I don’t like the changes starting with version 1.48.x. Not very happy about it. I have been loyal Brave user for a couple years now.

there is a current issue with some android devices receiving ads. might be the cause.

I am on PC using the Brave browser. I had a couple profiles but only one works now since their latest change.

Same here on all windows and android devices and everyone I know is saying the same thing. But I understand there are barely any active third party ad campaigns right now (which are the high payers) so all we are seeing are Brave ads which only pay around 0.005 BAT per 2 ads (on my devices at least). Other than the odd pop up - I haven’t seen any third party new tab pages at all this month.

They are cutting back thats for sure. Hardly anyone is getting rewards. They are weening us off the rewards program folks. Get used to it.

Brave aren’t cutting back, they’re the only ones paying us right now albeit tiny amounts. Its the third party advertisers who seem to be cutting back on paid advertising in pop-ups and new tab pages - that’s where the rewards are. January was a good month, but in February there were barely any third party advertising campaigns. Brave can’t force people to pay to advertise on the Brave platform so that we get paid!

@Saoiray kindly explained it in detail to me here He also provides a useful link to check how many ad campaigns are running in your region. Check it out.

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