Not getting brave ads for months now

I have not been getting brave ads for months now. I have tried all the suggestions that the community has posted already

I have the same issue, I haven’t received a single ad since January, mid January it stopped completely, and I’m not sure why.

I have the same thing. I always upgrade my brave application on my mac pro.
I dont receive the ads and I checked already the configurations to not block the pop up.

I’m also not getting ads for a few days now. It might just be a fluke but I don’t think so. Always got at least one a day. Is there a fix that doesn’t require a reinstallation of the browser?

Same here since april 8 I have not received 1 ad, so 3 days without adds in Android device, but before i used to get around 30-40 ads per day.
I do still receive in Windows but not on Android.

Apparently after 4 days without ads on android device it started working again without doing nothing. :slight_smile:

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