Not receiving brave ads. Please help

From past few days I’m not receiving brave ads. Neither the pop ups nor the background images. Please help me out here. @SaltyBanana @steeven @Mattches @tmancey

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Been like that for me past two nights. But in morning i can get them. Seems really limited. Unlike before. I dont like it

Rates at which ads appear are expected to vary. If you’re not seeing many ads for a day or two this does not necessarily mean anything is wrong. See the following article for more information on how Ads work:

However if you’re not seeing any ads for ~1 week, then there may be something else at play.

I noted in mid January that there was an update to the browser and that I needed to update. Did that. Ever since, 3 weeks now, I receive NO ad links, and the ad link that occasionally appears in the lower left corner produces no BAT either. So, I am earning NOTHING because NOTHING comes up to click on, since MID JANUARY update was installed.

are you on macos? if so which version?

Its already Feb, I still didn’t receive my Dec rewards. And brave members seems not really care about these problems. No one tried to solve problems. Really disappointed…

No. I’m using an android. BTW it was resolved.