Cannot View Any Ads

I have the newest updates for everything (MacOs, Brave, Chromium, etc.) and I still cannot view any ads. I do not have any adblockers aside from what’s offered by Brave. I have the settings set to view a max of 5 ads per day. I have tried uninstalling Brave and reinstalling. I am also located in the US. Nothing is working. Please help.

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It is the same for me. I registered two days ago and have not seen anything yet. I am running Windows and I live in Belgium.

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I’m pretty sure the ads feature isn’t available in Belgium yet. So you won’t be able to see it.

i have the same issue, i think its available because in france it is

It’s the same for me il live in France and i didn’t receive any ads

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regarde si tes parametres sont bon, si tu as activé les brave ads et les notifications sur ton pc, parfois l’assistant de concentration t’empêche d’avoir les pubs

j’ai tout qui est bien actif

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je comprend pas franchement

t’as fait quoi pour les avoir toi?

je l’est ai pas tout comme toi

ah x) ça doit etre un probleme avec la derniere maj du coup

c’est vraiment chiant en tout cas XD mais moi j’habite en belgique je sais même pas si c’est disponible ou pas