Not getting Ads in brave browse android app

I’ve downloaded brave yesterday and enable brave wallet, also ads option was on but till now I’m not received any ads. Also I’ve signed up for Creator Account but my website is still not verified.

Can someone please help me out ?


By enabling Brave Ads, doesn’t mean you’ll receive “as many Brave ads as possible”. Brave Ads is processed based on your browsing history and matched with the available ads catalogue.

It’s also depends on the availability of the ads campaign in your region. Brave Ads is not about “quantity”, but about “showing the right ads (for you), at the right time”.

Also see FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?


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I already visited the FAQ and read all the steps. Also brave is available in my country. And I’ve enabled the ads option. But till now there’s no ads shown to me. Also the btc is 0.0

Can i earn btc through browsing any website?

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Hi @Aashishh,
First, please don’t open a new thread with similar question/issue. We’ll answer your thread within 24 hours. And if not answered yet, you can mention me and not opening a new thread. Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:

This one :point_up:

You not get BAT by simply downloading and using Brave. The only way to earn BAT is by opt-in to Brave Ads.

Sometimes there’s a free grants that you can claim. But there’s no exact date for when it’s available.



And what about the free access token?

I believe this one is the “free grants” I mentioned above.

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Hi, so I’ve got 2 ads notification both are of same Website. As I’m newbie to brave I’ve a question that while receiving ads notification i just have to click on it or do I’ve to Registere on the site in order to receive brave Rewards.
Also what if i close the notification (how to get/click) on the notification again?
Also brave Rewards are in pending Status, when will they confirm and show in my wallet ?

Please answer the possible questions.

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Both answers is available here

Thank you for the FAQ, but still I’ve a little confusion.

  1. How long do I have to view the ad
    ^ before my “attention” accounts as a
    Users are rewarded for viewing ad notifications as
    they appear in Brave. Users are not rewarded for
    clicking on ads.

Confusion - suppose I’ve received a ads notification and I’ve clicked on it and viewed the whole page of Website, is the ads count ?
Or I’ve to Registere/signup account in order to count the ads.

Viewing the ads when appears as “notification”. The notification is the ads. You get paid for seeing the “notification” ads.

Clicking the notification will open a new tab for that ads. But you not get paid for “clicking” the ads.

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