Unable to get any ads

I have been using brave for last 5-6 months but now I am not getting any ads on my brave browser. I have enabled the option for brave rewards with 10 ads per hour.
But for the last couple of days I am not getting any single ad. I use it for around 20-30 mins at any time I use it, but hardly get any ad.

Can you guys pls help me why I am not getting any ad?

Check the FAQ and PSA done by users (use the search bar)

If on Windows, turn off focus assist and check OS notifications. Check if you have been flagged by brave. Try to verify your rewards wallet to gemini and uphold and it will block you from verifying.

You likely are flagged.

I am on Android.
So what to do?

And if i am flagged, how do I know about it?

I tried verifying and it’s going alright, no issues with verification

Brave Ads are currently down;


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