Not geting brave rewards

I don’t get my brave rewards of January. I’m waiting since 2 weeks. kindly resolve the issue

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Same! payouts complete they say but still didn’t get any! Please solve


i’m also in this situation, payment used to be in the first days of the month, around day 6 ~8.
my Uphold account is verified and OK, the CDD questions was already answered and i still haven’t received the payment.

Same here, they really have made a mess of the last couple of payments since the last update, it went from payment being made within 8 or 9 days to payments disappearing and hoping at some point payment will be made. waited until the 21st last month and now wondering whether this months payment will go through, have also stopped clicking on ads because whats the point now??


I see you just created this account 3 hours ago. That means you can’t have contacted anyone as often is instructed. Please read Still no payout? read this before posting

@RAHsev99, @ThiagoRios , and @batwop make sure you each do the same

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Never has been a point. You get paid for the ads appearing. They give you absolutely nothing for clicking on ads.

Brave does not reward users for clicking on the notifications. Brave’s position is that users should only click on ads that they have a genuine interest in engaging with.

As to what’s going on, I kind of dip into that at Logged me out and got no credit for Ads for 2 mos - #10 by Saoiray

@Saoiray What is the correct ID wallet?.. because there are 2 “Information of the wallet” and also “External information of the wallet” which I have to send.

Wallet info

Key info seed:

Wallet payment ID:

Wallet created:

So that’s your Wallet ID. The other is your Member ID and all

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I just sent a PM, last month I did the same but never got any reaction from Steeven… I filled in all the info needed. Hope they will do something about it this time

@RAHsev99 Did you send it to only one or both? I know @steeven and @Mattches are always resolving things as quick as they can and usually on the ball. Doesn’t mean things don’t get dropped or lost on occasion though, as all only human. Though also, make sure you’re keeping an eye out yourself. Been a few people here who received responses but didn’t realize it. So always good to go back and check forum mail.

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Thanks for following up @RAHsev99, just replied to your DM.


well, i have sent a message to uphold and they said to contact brave to better assist me with this case
i’ll try to reach steeven, thanks for the help friend

Hello, man, how did it go? Did you get a response from our Dev team yet? Regards.

no response yet, i’ve sent a dm 8 days ago.

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