Not everything is saved in History

Description of the issue:
I’ve visited a site. I’ve even added its page to the bookmarks (although don’t remember in which folder). Now I went to history to find this page - and it’s not there! Don’t know how many other pages are missing.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. No clue
  2. I’m not obliged to reproduce anything
  3. Because you must have made a logging system
  4. So that I could send you the log
  5. And you could find the reason by yourselves

Expected result:
All browsing history is saved

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Additional Information:

Hello @wolfram

bookmark and history are 2 different thing or is it typo so i consider you mean bookmark for both

do you have any extensions installed?
do you use the sync option ?

I meant exactly what I wrote - I’ve been to a page, saved it to bookmarks, forgot in which bookmark folder I saved it and went to history to find that page there.

this is where the history brave://history/ and it hold history for sites you visit and without any extension it stay there for 90 days also if you clear history or choose to clear history on exit then it will be gone

but this brave://bookmarks/ is where you find your bookmark and it’s not affected by those 90 day limit or clear history

hope that make it clear :slight_smile:

Don’t bull$hit me. This blatter of yours is irrelevant of my question. This is the place for helping and not playing a helpful guy. So if you can’t provide real help, just shut up.

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