Not been paid out since July 2022, what is going on?

Hey all,

I have signed up here to let you know that I have not received a Brave BAT payment since July 2022. I have been signed up for months and had no issue across my phone (Android) and Desktop (Mac). But things stopped this Summer, and i’ve not had anything coming through. I see on my brave browser it says I am due a payment of 24 BAT this month…

My uphold is connected and verified across desktop and mobile. I did notice Brave introduced their own wallet recently is this right? I was prompted to have this in the browser, could this have affected my payments? Ive not had any inside that or in uphold like usual. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Please contact Brave support. Only they can solve such issues. Contact support here

No, the wallet actually doesn’t deal with the rewards part. So highly unlikely

Thanks for your response. I’ll get in touch directly with Brave.

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