Not accumulating BAT anymore

it doesn’t work! how an error from server side can be solved from client ?

  Method: BraveAdsUrlRequestMethod::PUT
[03 avr. 2021, 5:57:23,9] OnRedeemUnblindedPaymentTokens
[03 avr. 2021, 5:57:23,9] URL Response:
  Response Status Code: 400
  Response: "Invalid Request R1"

seems like unpaid again…


Hi everybody (Salut lokan, je suis français aussi.),

I checked everything and my ads stopped paid since the 13th March. (I don’t accumulate BAT and ads don’t increase)
I try to solve the issue with @Mattches but nothing worked for instant.

That is strange is that I created a second profile “test” and it receive everything. So I doubt my PC is guilty. I tend to favor an internal error at Brave, linked to the account. Are some accounts suspended because they are suspected of being fraudulent? This is one reason why we are no longer thanked for viewing ads.

I see ads since the 1st April and my count stay to 0.

The amount of BAT correspond at the period 1st March to 13th, after the issue is arrived.

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Hi, (Salut les francais :slight_smile:),

Same problem on April, i didn’t see any ads. Got the latest version of brave…

je te confirme qu’apres investigation, moi et une autre personne on a un souci, regarde au dessus, tu dois avoir un souci avec les tokens comme beaucoup de monde…

Comment obtiens tu les lignes de codes dans ton message précédent ?
Pourquoi mon compte principal a des problèmes alors que le second va nickel et aussi mon tél synchronisé alors ? Bizarre…

moi aussi je n’ai que ca sur 1 des 2 “linkés” à uphold, les id sont propres à chaque client donc pas etonnant et plus rien ne m’etonne avec Brave depuis deja quelques temps…ce dont tu parles, ce sont des logs → No transfers to uphold - #2 by steeven

Moi les deux sont liés au même compte uphold. (avant la connection du second compte à uphold les pubs étaient récompensées, après aussi sans souci).
Le compte principal est lui synchronisé à mon tél (avec toujours le même compte uphold), j’ai crée le second compte car j’avais déjà des problèmes avec le premier.

(Je ne suis pas aussi calé en informatique donc les logs je ne comprends pas !) :smile:

En tout cas, ça commence à faire long depuis le 13/03, on m’a assuré que les pubs visionnées mais non répertoriées seront payées, j’attends donc le jour de paie, mais quand bien même, c’est le binss quand tu ne sais pas où tu en es…

en tout cas pour info soucis de paiements de publishers depuis plus de 2 semaines et pour la partie des pubs je crois que ca remonte meme un peu plus loin car certains avaient encore des token pour recevoir des pubs quelques temps. pas de comm et ca ferme les tickets sans vraies reponses, c’est dommage, tout le monde peut faire des erreurs mais les cacher ca craint

probleme de ads et maintenant de claim…

i read through the following
documentation that you linked

Why don’t I see Brave Ads? 5

in this I just lost everything
user gained support

how about you
run risk of…

Yes, this is unfortunate, and seems to be the reason why some users ‘stop’ receiving BAT.

Some don’t know that a wallet for each profile counts as one of the 4 permanent limits currently.
Some end up creating another/ multiple profiles without realising it - though I’m not entirely sure how this could happen.
Some knowingly create another profile(s) whenever they’re experiencing some issue, to try and clear it up, and then just kind of forget about the previous profile(s)…

I could be mistaken here - and another with more experience is more than welcome to correct me - but this is my current observation…

*The thread, if any are interested to learn more, can be got to by clicking on @ceec 's hyperlink.

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Perhaps a solution ?



We just must to unflagged your account manually
by an administrator.

i am reporting no ads
an administrator not
choosen me for dm

when i dmed whith out
invitation no reply

how to unflagged your account manually
by an administrator

We must already to have checked all possible cause before contacting a Brave member team.
If you contact without more details, how can he help you ?

Lots of users said “I have an issue.” but they doesn’t explain.

Take a look to my thread here and create yours following all the steps.

Ask for help to @Matcches in your own topic.


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@Mattches please Not accumulating BAT anymore - #12 by hihouhou

Taking a look – appreciate everyone’s patience here.

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is it possible 1 time having the reason?

@Mattches is it possible to respect sometime unpaid person?

my ios transfer is missing and its been about a month already. am i screwed out of the 180 bat i had

no update ? needs official investigation?