Can't play video on website. Problem only occurs in Brave

I’m trying to watch the video on this page (from the Swiss national media, the equivalent of the BBC in Switzerland).

In incognito mode, with no active extensions, on both desktop and mobile versions of Brave, I get an error message stating that the website can’t be loaded entirely maybe because of a JavaScript setting, but I allow JS in my Brave settings.

No problem in other browsers.

Hi there,
Thanks for sharing. So after some playing around with shield settings.
It appears turning on ‘allow all cookies’ made it available to use the website.
Are you able to reproduce?

Thanks for the answer.

I tried the 3 settings for Shields->Block cookies: All, Only cross-site, Disabled, and reloaded the page every time, but it seems the problem remains.

Is there another setting called “Allow all cookies” I may have missed?

Hi @duderino apologies, it was all trackers thats seems to allow you to use the site as normal. Do let me know if this allows you to use the website as expected.

Screenshot 2024-03-08 at 10.23.24 AM

It makes the red error message at the bottom disappear, but the Play button does not appear on the video (= where the cars are).

Hi @duderino apologies for the delay.

I think I figured out the solution here.

  1. Can you go the icon left of the URL (image below) and open site settings.

  2. It will take you to the settings page (image below)

  3. From there you will delete your cookies (or you can select which ones) this may result in signing you out from the website. But it does look like this …

  4. You will then refresh the page and the video player should start up.

Do let me know if this works!

It worked!

Thanks a lot.

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