Non-payment January 2022 of my bat generated in December 2021

It turns out that they did not pay me the bat that corresponded to me for the entire month of December 2021. I use the browser on 2 PC’s and my cell phone. In none of my users have I been paid. I have verified Uphold and did not receive anything, however I cannot see a history of what was generated in December either. I hope they can solve it for me soon! Thanks


Same i didn’t got the reward either. I have a verified uphold account and on the top it says that payout completed for uphold account. My friend got the payment but i didn’t.

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Same for me, seems that the most recent update on my desktop made the december payment of 7 or so BAT disappear whereas my laptop which runs Linux and has not auto updated has had the payment processed. Might just be a bit of a delay in payment though.

brave vers


Same happend to me

I received my BRAVE rewards from my PC but my androids, I didnt receive it.
I have verified Uphold account. Pakistan

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