No websites suggestion

Hey, why on my mac, brave is not showing any website suggestion? even all the settings are okay…

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Hello @yenneh

do you use private mode or do you clear cache on exit ?

neither :frowning: is possible for you to remote desktop me?

i am not one of the team i am just a user same as you

could you try to disable all extension and see if it work fine or not

if it did not work then try to create new profile go to menu then create new profile and go to some sites then check if it work fine or not

and have a nice day :slight_smile:

i did try clear cache, create new profile and disable my extensions, but nothing changes :frowning:

what is your brave version

go to brave://settings/help and send screen shot about the version there

here you go :slight_smile:

could you help us here @Aa-ron

please notice it the end f week so maybe you get response starting from next monday
and have a nice day both of you

@yenneh can you share a short recording of the issue?


i dont know why i cant upload my screen recording here. but here you go.

thanks @eljuno

now i guess your issue that you do not get suggest from the search engine am i right?

if yes then go to brave://settings/privacy and make sure to enable this Autocomplete searches and URLs

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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omg thank you sooo much.


you very welcome :slight_smile: