No websites appear to be verified on my side

Description of the issue:

Absolutely nothing appears to be Verified on my end. no YouTube channels, no websites, not even brave’s own website. Wikipedia as an example appears to be verified on my laptop but not on my phone.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
(Updated to latest after making this post but it’s the same)

Mobile Device details

Xiaomi Poco F1

Additional Information:
I haven’t tried troubleshooting a whole lot, I’m afraid I’d loose my Bat tokens if I cleared the cache or something?

What else can be done?

Known issue. The new version will fix this.

Cool! Sorry if this has already been asked. ':slight_smile:

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I’m experiencing this too, on every iOS device I’ve tried.

I just updated Brave on every device, and the problem is still there.

Using Brave Version 1.16 ( on iOS 13.4.1, iPad Air (3rd gen) and iPhone 6s Plus.

I saw a notice 12 days ago that “an update regarding verification status on mobile devices“ would interrupt this.

Are there problems with this update, or is the problem somewhere else?

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