Latest version on mobile still showing not verified

I just updated my brave mobile browser and it’s still showing website not verified

@Nelsy1 Wait with brave open for ten minutes, it need some time to connect with the servers

Still no changes too

No changes yet at day 6 of update

@Nelsy1 What version is?

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Brave Mobile 1.8.112 :sob: almost a week now still not showing verified

@Arcag what can I do?

My user level does not give to help you more. see if @eljuno could you help us.


@eljuno what can I do?

Ok thanks very much @Arcag

It has been solved :blush:

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It’s all OK now @Nelsy1?

If you curious:
It took up to 1 week for your Brave on mobile to update its local publishers list. And up to 72 hours on desktop.