Brave showing every Brave verified website as not yet verified

From more than a month, Every site is shown as not yet verified. Also my verified website is showing not yet verified even Brave’s official site is also showing not yet verified

It’s my understanding that they are currently performing maintenance and have temporarily disabled the verified creators list on mobile devices. I believe it was for an upgrade. It started 3 weeks ago, but I don’t know when creator verification will be re-enabled for mobile devices.

@ShoaiB make sure you’ve the latest version.

Yup, I’m running latest version :confused:

Hello, same for me. Running the last version. (the one who correct the problem on the 5th may). My you tube channel is now showing as not verified creator on android. On PC and Ipad no issue. What is the reason please.

Here you go guys.

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@ShoaiB @Boots4083 if you have the latest version, then see my reply here Latest version on mobile still showing not verified

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