No pop-up ads and no ads from brave news

since couple of months the pop-up ads decreased significantly and now they are completely stopped also there is not a single ad now from brave news…is this the case for everyone or something wrong with me?

Hello @shanky99, thank you for brining this to our attention. What kind of device and OS do you use? If on desktop try the following setting: brave://settings/content/popups and enable the option Sites can send pop-ups and use redirects Hope it helps. Regards.

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i am using windows 11 64bit. Thanks for the settings, i just enabled that option now. I will observe and update if it works.

and what about ads from brave news? i havent seen even a single ad there since a couple of months , before it was working fine…

Hello again @shanky99, could you please share an screenshot with the actual result? And provide us more details so we can further investigate. Thanks in advance.

Please check if your region has news ads and popup ads at

With the bear crypto market, many advertisers had reduced advertising and therefore the reduced ads in many regions.

Also if you dont know how to read the ads, you can understand by checking out →

SI = Sponsored Image which appears on NTP

PN = Push Notification = notification ad

IC = Inline Content (I think) = Brave News

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hii, still the same not even a single pop-up ad all day. please clarify what more details you want.
my region- india
brave desktop version- 1.46.153
custodial wallet-not verified

Hey. Im from India as well. Im not seeing much popup ads either. Do you have any other devices having Brave?
If yes, do you get popup ads there?

And to clarify, you mean popups from Brave Rewards Ads, right?

yes…! i also have brave in my phone and i get few pop-ups there, but desktop its zero.

Please check that no DND / Silent mode is enabled.
Check at this website if notifications work at all at →

Yes, this month not many pop-ups and no Brave news in desktop here as well.
That’s normal, we are in a bear market and economic crisis. Not many advertisers out there. Most ads are from brave itself.
Android gets more pop-ups compared to desktop because some campaigns are targeted to mobile phones.

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