No more rewards

I have been using brave for about 2 months now on my laptop. Everything was flowing smoothly at first… now i haven’t gotten payment for any ads at all. they just stopped at 4.5 bat with ads popping up but it still says 88 ad notifications for the last couple days! i dont know what the problem is, id just like everything to catch back up… this is why i use brave, aside from speed, and ad blocking!

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Hi SwiftDollaz, welcome to Community!

Take a look at the Ads FAQ here to troubleshoot some of the common reasons for broken ads and see if they apply to you: FAQ: Why am I not seeing Brave Ads?

How long have you been encountering this issue? We’ve had some intermittent issues with the Ads servers; likely, it’ll just take a few days for stuff to catch up again.

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