No free Grants for New user?

No free Grants for New user ?

For when grants available see

Also, grants not only offered to new user. But for all user.

all my refferal expecting they get a free grant after they download the Brave browser… but no free Grants pop up on them, it is normal that not everytime we have a new invite dont get a grant ?

  1. Download the [Brave browser]
  2. Enable “Brave Rewards” during the setup
  3. You will be dropped with 30 BAT tokens in your Brave browser
  4. The 30 BAT received can be used to tip someone
  5. For every referral you will get $5 in BAT tokens

we follow this but no 30bat show

Source? Brave never said you’ll get BAT grants for downloading Brave.

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The site is giving inaccurate information – BAT grants are not guaranteed and do not have a fixed schedule:


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