When users can receive BAT grants first time?

Hi, I´ve some questions.

When and under which conditions users can receive BAT grants from the user growth pool? is that immidiately after downloading the Browser first times?

I myself cant remember when I received BAT first time, because I used Brave even before the ICO of BAT. In a few youtube tutorial videos I saw, the first claim of free BAT was possible just after installing brave.

last week I referred a friend to install brave. He used the reflink I build in my webpage. So I can see in my dashboard that he downloaddet it. After installing he said there is no option for claiming BAT grants. So when can he expect the first grant?

I´m also would like to know how long the free BAT grants are aviable in future anymore. Will they become more less and rarer from time to time, to provide that the user growth pool doesnt become empty? I think that would be better than a suddenly end of the grants.

many thanks for informations

Hi @Marcus.A,

Grants will be offered if limit for that month is not reached. So if you install Brave after all the grants is claimed, you’ll not get one and need to wait for next month.

Just make sure you’ve Rewards enabled. It’ll show a notification dot at BAT logo in URL bar if there’s any grant available.

Hope that make it clear for you.
Let me know if you have another question/s.

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