No DEB files to download, not looking to add you to sources

Sirs, you PPA links/URLs corrupted my Ubuntu 18 LTS, it has taken me four days and a lot pain to recover the Ubuntu-Desktop. I do not need constant updates, just manual monthly update is fine for me. I just want a small privacy focused browser. Your current install directions are adding your links to my distro sources. There was one lady asking for deb file a few months back, she has legal regional concerns.

Our plan is to eventually provide downloadable .deb from our website like Chrome:

However, we don’t have a timeline for this yet.

In the meantime, if you want to manually update once a month, then you can download the latest .deb from GitHub:

There is one out there: brave-browser_1.5.115_amd64.deb but it is old. Once again, I do not need an immediate update and am looking to keep my distro clean. I would rather be stable than bleeding edge, it’s less painful. Manual update is fine with me.

If you search for just the release channel:“Release+v1.”&expanded=true and then ignore the pre-release ones, you’ll find a link to the latest version: