Please make a proper deb installer for linux installations

Brave browser is very popular among the Linux community who appreciate very much privacy. Nowadays, a lot of amateur users try Linux. Many of them have difficulty to use the console in order to install brave and some of them that tried, made a mistake and damaged their distro sources file. This is not a great experience and many amateurs were asking for help to reset their sources file. I think it is imperative for the brave devs to give at least a proper deb packaging installation option in order to help brave browser spread (chrome browser comes with a deb installer).

PS: If deb packaging is too hard to implement, then please consider flatpak/snap/appimage packaging.


I also believe that the creation of a deb package that is amazing and necessary! :slight_smile:

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Brave is awesome & I support the request for a deb package, too!
also, there is a lot of sync-capabilities improvement that is necessary to be done :wink:
ΤΗΑΝΚ very much for your product!!

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