No bats for this month, also i didn’t get bats by ads since few weeks

Since few weeks i can’t get bats by ads, also pay for this month doesn’t appear. i thought i was flagged but i can still get bats for news.
Some help please.

Same. Said my payment of around 5 BAT would be on the way, now that message disappeared from the my rewards page got no payment. My Uphold is verified and have never had any issues before.

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I’m not receiving ads for almost one week. This issue is happening in South America.

Exact same problem here.

If you are still experiencing problems with your payout you should submit a request to support to investigate using the form linked below.

If you are not receiving ads, you may have reached the limit for ad campaigns in your region. You should check Regional Catalog Viewer to see the ad campaigns available for your region and the limits in place.

Hope this helps. Take care.

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