No BAT Pending This Month

Hello all,
I just have a quick question. It seems that despite seeing ads, my pending BAT remained at zero dollars for the month. I did receive my April payout, but I’m not sure why this still shows zero dollars. Any guidance would be appreciated.
Screenshot 2021-04-15 210234

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Hi @zschmoll
Welcome to the Brave community!
Well, it can be because of 4 reasons.

  1. You are not using the latest version of the app or using the beta version
  2. It might be a glitch or bug
  3. You might have used the browser very little but still viewed many ads!

Thanks for the response. I did update my browser last night. I saw that on some other thread, so I do not believe that is the problem.

This is my exclusive browser that I use, so I certainly think I am using it enough.

I’m just hoping that somewhere in the background the system is keeping track of my total so that I receive it next month.

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