No bat payments for months


I posted over a month ago about this and there’s been more or less no update. saying I’m annoyed is an understatement. I have over 40 BAT pending from months ago (about 7+ months) and cannot verify my wallet (so I DON’T have an Uphold account when I should). Can something be done about this please??

I’m on Android, and have already sent @steeven my wallet ID (if someone comes at me and says to be patient, this was about two weeks ago so kindly relax with the patience talk). I understand there may be hundreds, if not more, DMs staff will be receiving, and I am sorry to add to that. But I think waiting over a month qualifies for a second nudge.

Hi @rose_glue, please see replies in our DM. There is an active issue that the dev team is investigating around this.