Lost BAT when I verified wallet, my original topic has been closed with no resolution or notification

Sorry @steeven , I am not letting this go. I sent you all the information you requested and I have had no communications back and yet you closed my topic below. No responses to my DM’s either.

I’d really appreciate an answer of some kind. I think a lot of people on here would too as this appears to happen quite a lot.


Same to me I also lost and my friends also bat around 3bat decreased to 1.15 someone’s 1.500 different different members lost @steeven if u could help can u help me and our friends browsers

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Still waiting for a response

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@parallax78 - we’re a tiny team team and receive thousands of DM’s a week. I assure you that I have not forgotten about your issues, but am working through the queue in the order that messages are received.

Thanks for your patience.


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