BAT never made it to my wallet

Hi, I have been using Brave Browser for some months on multiple devices. I have accumulated 45.75 BAT on my partner’s laptop, which has been accrued from viewing ads, but these funds have never been received to my uphold wallet.

I have checked the version of Brave browser, it is version 1.17.73 which, according to the browser, is the latest version.

Things got a little complicated because I created a second uphold wallet and linked to browser to see if that would resolve matters (which it did not), but Uphold advised that I can only use one Uphold account, and I have ended up keeping the newer Uphold account.

I have attached a screenshot showing my Brave balance (according to the browser) and a screenshot of the newer Uphold account showing BAT balance of zero… the balance of the older Uphold account is also zero BAT.

Any help would be appreciated, I have tried unlinking and relinking Uphold wallet to browser multiple times, but it does not resolve

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Hi @help, Welcome to Community!
When did you connect your wallet to Uphold?

Hi @Aa-ron I’ve lost time of the number of times I have connected and disconnected the wallets to try and get the BAT sent to the wallet, but I can see ads have been generated since April 2020, please see screenshot

I have raised a similar issue a fortnight back. Still waiting to hear back from support after initial replies.

Thanks @help,
Please, send me a screenshot of the general info tab found at brave://rewards-internals/

@theventus, if you’re still having problems, also send me a DM.