Brave nightly version issue or Bug ads not coming

Hy, this is the main problem I have been facing for the last two weeks … I am using Brave nightly version. It uses the latest version When I turn on Brave reward, I do not get any ads … but when I turn it off, ads come,But they do not count …Why is this happening … I have restarted and tried many times but nothing has changed … please …]


@Ferno can you update to the most recent version of Nightly and advise if you still have issues? They tried fixing a potential issue, just need feedback if resolved.

Can you please let us know which version of nightly you are using?


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I’m using latest version :purple_heart:… When I turn off Brave reward I’ll get sponsored ads but that’s not counted…but I’ll to turn on Brave reward i didn’t get any type of ads… please fix this problem

Case number :: 92a3ac20-7eba-4ddc-a225-541450b1828a

I’m using latest version

Can you please send the latest logs to help me investigate further as the logs you sent were before 1.42.38 was released. Thanks

Ok I’ll send

brave_rewards_log (2).txt (2.06 MB)

@Ferno Please send this log in a DM to tmancey. I am flagging your post for as private information.

Please share his email

I’ll send check your dm… thanks

I’m having the same problem with Nightly

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