Brave nightly reward problem

I can’t get rewards on my two devices in the brave nightly app, what is the reason for this, I cleared the cache, but the problem still persists

Something is wrong with Nightly. I have stopped reciving ads on desktop and mobile nightly app.

I recently updated Nightly to latest version and it also had problems with Ads.

Looking in the log it constantly outputs “User was inactive” as if there was no activity, preventing Ads serving.

The fastest solution I found was to downgrade back to 1.38.xx.

Got the balance back?

@Mattches can u look

Yeah, no problem. In theory reinstalling shouldn’t mess with your rewards account data, unless you downgrade to a very very old version.

I just updated two days ago

Yes, to do it in android it’s more risky

The problem is on recently Nightly versions

I solve it uninstalling last Nightly version (Android-Windows) and installed version 1.41.61

And disable Automatic Updates on Windows/Playstore

But you haven’t keep your old balance on android

It’s very tricky. How do you do it?

On Windows uninstalled brave but not delete Browser data(cookies-historial, etc)
When I Re-Installed again the balance is the same number

In Android everything is lost
You have to start from zero

Disabling Brave Update services

And deleting the “Update” folder located at “C:\Program Files (x86)\BraveSoftware”

on Android

To stay up to date I always check for new versions on github/apkmirror

In this case I will not update Nightly until they solve the problem

No, in android you can keep your balance downgrading, it’s just a bit longer process. You have to use adb debug mode with your pc.

This is useless, at least for me.

The folder won’t be restored later?

I knew about this option

And because it is such a complicated process with ADB, I prefer not to use it

I deleted it yesterday

And even today the folder does not exist

Maybe your Brave task in Task Scheduler wasn’t triggered yet.

What happens if you simply open brave://settings/help?

Disable brave update from windows services. Or set to manual.


Can you please submit the information surrounding your issue to our form there so we can take a closer look?

Thank you.