No ads / No rewards?

Hi i have set ads too 10 a hour i know its not a thing that always happens but i dont get even 1 add in like 6 hours?

im on the newest version of brave

can somebody tell me how i can get ads? i did set everything the right way

Sometimes there are days you just will not see many ads, or none. That can be normal as much as it might stink. Have you at least received ads before? Check the Brave FAQs for more information and if you think it could be related to OS check the push notification test to make sure your device is set up proper to receive ads.
Take it from me, there are days, some straight in a row where things feel off. But eventually it works itself out. Even now I am not seeing 40 ads in a day. At most it is like 15 a day but I know that is just how it is sometimes. The most important thing is to make sure your device can receive them. You can also check to make sure your region supports ads.

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I have not accumulated rewards in over 4 months.

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