Nigthly Latest UI/UX improvements

Sometimes I see people talking about the ‘outdated look’ of Brave.
While I don’t care much about the UI, Brave has been working lately a lot in the UI, of course the updates are on Nightly, so they might take a while to get to Stable builds.

So I decided to show why using Nightly would be good for people who want the lastest change, but also so people who are interested in the development can see Brave is working in the UI and UX experience of Brave.
I posted some screenshots from Github, but also give the link to the PR or Issue in case someone wants to follow the progress and see more screenshots if any.

Most are already available in Nightly, but people should be happy to know Brave is working on the UI or re-arranging menus and settings to make it better for users to manage Brave. So they are focusing in the UI/UX, and not just in Privacy tools like Adblocker, or Web3 or Ads/Reward stuff or VPN.

This is why using Nightly is good, it is stable even if you are getting the latest commits, sometimes they cause crash or an issue, but it is fairly stable 99% of the time, and when something goes wrong, fixes happen quickly.

The important thing about Nightly, besides getting the latest changes is to help development and give feedback and report issues, so issues don’t hit Stable where fixing issues is not as flexible as doing it from Nightly way before it hits Stable.

Anyway, these are few recent updates in Brave Nightly builds or updates that will hit Nightly fairly soon.

Brave’s Menu now has icons:

Besides the new icons, you can see how they re-organized the menus so they are not as cluttered as before.

Horizontal tabs have a new style

They started working on the Horizontal tabs strip update, that means it should be available for Nightly users soon!

Shadows and rounded corners for the main content view

After the styling of the horizontal tabs, seems like they will work on adding shadow and rounded corners to the content area, like Edge did to create ‘separation’.

Showing Vertical tabs on hover when Full screen

They are adding first to Vertical tabs, but Horizontal will come after.

Custom filtering for Android in Settings

Lastly, they are finally bringing custom filters to the Settings so you can easily enable regional lists and add your custom filters in a nicer UI in Setting and not in a complete different page like brave://adblock is today in Android. It is still missing Custom Filters, but they will be added soon.


Besides a nice playlist functionality, they have been polishing the UI.


Well, besides all the changes and Leo and playlist and all that, sidebar recently got an update to make it look nicer.

They also adding Titles to Reading list and Bookmarks.


They have been re-organizing the Settings, just like they have been doing with the app’s menu and all that.

They already did it with Shields settings, but now they are doing it with Appearance to make it less cluttered and confusing by adding titles.

Shared Pinned tabs

This is not a new feature, but some people are not aware of brave://flags/#brave-shared-pinned-tabs

Which will share the pinned tabs across windows, making pinned tabs way more useful than they are otday.

Also, people might not know this but now Brave in brave://flags/ displays Defaults state of features/flags, either way if their default state is Enabled or Disabled to make it easier for users to know if a flag is on or off before doing any change that will not do anything.

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