Payout has not processed!

Hi, so i waited a month for this payout and from 8th to 10th i checked my account every hour and i was active on telegram.people got payout and some people dont why? What have i done wrong? I really needed that money but you guys didnt give why? Now its says next deposit 8th july why?

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@saifabbas1 There are tons of similar threads. Please do not open the same one yet again. It is not helping to Brave team and to you too. It is clear that there is a payout problem, and we need to wait for the team’s announcement of what is going on. Thank you for the patience.

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are you a bot? why are you posting this on every thread? i think you work for brave.

@squalo420 No, I am not affiliated with Brave, but I have been reeding discussion for a while and see that many of the threads are duplicate and unnecessary. More here:

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in other words is a free forum and people like me “NEED THEIR MONEY” cus a lot of work. so. dont act like the “brave judge” let them speak and said what thay have to say. thanks

Same happened with me. I also was waiting for the deposit but now its showing next deposit 8th July without depositing for this month. And uphold etc is all verified still the money didn’t got deposited.
Anyone here gets any solution please do share it with all of us.

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