News Feed leaves out too many big websites, which can't even be added manually

First of all, I love the fact that you can truly customize Brave News.

That said, Brave leaves out of their auto news feed most All of the big name conservative news sites on the web (some Top 20 news sites in fact).
While some can be manually added, others cannot.

For example - ZeroHedge (Which is a Top 20 News Site across the entire web in the United States, and one of THE Best Financial Sites, period) can’t even be added manually.
Another example - Bablyon Bee. One of the 2 Top Comedy sites on the Entire Internet in the US. Can’t even be added manually.

Meanwhile, the Brave news feed has dozens, if not hundreds, of obscure sites which no one has even heard of.

I just added ZeroHedge in Brave News →

Brave News now allows you to add custom RSS feeds to be shown. Simply visit the news site you’d like to include and find the link to their RSS feed. Then, open the New Tab Page, click Customize --> Brave News, insert the RSS link into the Feed URL box, then click Add source.

As you can see in the image below, I’ve added the feeds from official Brave Blog as well as (these custom feeds appear int he Your sources section above the Feed URL box):

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For Babylon bee paste the url in the feed url field (see image above)

For zeroedge paste the following url:

could be nice if there was a category toggle. Right now you have to enable/disable every single one manually.