New window opens after clicking any link

Mac OS
Latest version of Brave, (can’t check specifically)

Description of the issue: New window opens after clicking any link.
It started with YouTube. Every time I clicked on any part of the website it would open in a new window. After a while searching through settings and looking online it began to not load any websites.
The outline of YouTube would appear but nothing , just grey boxes.
Then it popped up with a suspicious window in brave asking me to download something, didn’t read it as I panicked and quit brave.
I deleted brave form my computer (Mac).
I reinstalled it to be faced with the same grey boxes of YouTube and no website loading.
I have deleted it again using “app cleaner” to get rid of the ?meta data?.
I don’t know what to do. Do I re download it and hope? What is the problem I am having? Is this a virus?

I download a antivirus software Kaspersky and it’s currently running a scan

Make sure you delete the .app file from the Applications folder and trash the Bravesoftware folder in ~Library/"Application Support".
Then redownload Brave from

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