New window does not open with my chosen website

I have Brave in my bookmarks for easy access. When I click on the Brave bookmark the first time, it opens on my chosen page, however, when I click on it again to open a second or a third window it opens on the Brave page (with the clock). How do I get Brave to open on my chosen website every time I click the Brave icon?
Thanks so much!

Hi @Brianism, welcome to Community!

To clarify, you’ve set Brave to open a specific page on start-up. But after start-up, every new window or new tab you open, it goes to Brave’s new tab page. And you want it to go to a specific site instead.
Unfortunately, that not a current feature. However, you can try adding an extension, this may solve your issue.

Hi, Aa-ron. Yes, you characterised my issue correctly - and thank you, your suggestion worked perfectly. Cheers.

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