New Version Re-verify

If I migrate to the newer version of the browser, will I have to re-verify my wallet? I’ve already used all the remaining linking slots.

Cannot disconnect my uphold account from other devices since brave has apparently decided to logout my wallet so I wasn’t able to receive the BAT I earned last month.

Re verifying the wallet should not count as a linking slot. However, unless you reformatted your PC or installed Brave onto a new device and tried linking it then yes this would count. I think you are afraid if by updating the browser if it logs you out you will not be able to log back in? I personally have never had a new update make that happen to me, however, every month or 2 across all my devices eventually I get logged out of Uphold for some reason and it makes me re log back into it. The description when this happens says it is normal and happens from time to time. I always am able to log back in without problems.

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update: it’s been 10 days since brave logged out my wallet. I’ve tried re-verifying my wallet and it says that I’ve reached the device limit. I also checked the other devices connected to my uphold wallet and they have been disconnected too.

Well, you are one amongst thousands who got locked out of uphold etc due to this extremely oversighted horrible system with 4 devices lifetime without a possibility to remove old devices that dont “exist” anymore.
Brave has to fix this.

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