New tab behavior on iPad doesn’t focus on URL bar

Describe Issue

Making a new tab on iPad doesn’t focus into the URL bar. This is an issue because if I press Command + T for a new tab, I expect to be able to immediately type the website/search. Instead I need to click into the URL bar or press Command L which is just not a normal workflow while working/using a web browser.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. On iPad either press the new tab button or Command + T
  2. You wont be able to type without clicking into the URL bar.

I expect it the URL bar to be focused so I can immediately start typing a web address or search query.

Version 1.22.1 (

iPadOS 14.4

Apologies if this is a setting that I just completely missed. I did try searching for the solution before coming here of course.

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