New open tabs do not show up in the tab bar. How do I close those tabs?

I tend to have a lot of open tabs. (Eventually the tabs shrink to a tiny icon the width of a single letter).

After a certain number of tabs, the new tabs do not display in the tab bar. How do I find our which tabs are still open that are not showing across the top of the Brave session window? And how do I close such tabs?

Hello @dddiam

just to make sure we in same page

  1. open more than 75 tab
  2. any tab after that 75 will not highlight that new opened tab to mark it as current active tab

am i right?
if yes then i am not sure if that the case in chrome or not but most probably it chrome issue

a work around it to press ctrl + tab it will activate the tab after the current one and if the current one is the last one it will highlight the first tab then press ctrl + shift + tab this will get the previous tab highlighted which return you to the tab you was using and the tab will be highlighted and only the x close button will be displayed

hope that help and have a nice day :slight_smile:

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